The new Belval

Working, living and enjoying – Belval means quality of life!

What was once 100% an industrial site is now 100% a city quarter – Belval is the new address in Luxembourg that offers a unique mix of work life, home life and enjoyment. An exemplary conversion project that is to offer housing for up to 7000 people of all generations is being created on a site that is the size of 170 football fields in the districts of Esch-sur-Alzette and Sanem. At the same time, up to 20,000 people will be able to work, research and study in Belval. Everyone’s needs will be met: schools, shopping, leisure activities – Belval has everything, just a bike ride or a short walk away.

Clear shapes, flexible layouts, ecologically oriented leisure facilities, user-appropriate traffic planning and modern energy supplies – the new city quarter in the south of the Grand Duchy is based on an excellent overall concept. Incidentally, the former industrial culture is also being integrated, and is already a national cultural monument. (Map: One location – various addresses)

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Belval Nord

Urban living in the country: private living space for every generation in an attractive hillside location with views of Belval Park. Single family homes and privately owned and rental apartments, all just a few minutes' walk from the primary school, the sports centre and the college.

Belval Sud

The address for families: residential accommodation in a carefully balanced mix of single family homes, privately owned and rental apartments. Perfect for families with children. Close to the primary school, college, sports centre and park.

Park Belval

Leisure time for all ages: vast parkland of almost 19 hectares with numerous sporting and relaxation activities.

Square Mile

The business district: combination of private residential and commercial areas. The area for services, restaurants, retail, leisure and culture. A lively city quarter with an international flair.

Blast furnace terrace

Working and living near the industrial monument: a mix of commercial spaces with offices and research facilities, retail and leisure activities, and private homes. Home of the university, RBC-IS, Rockhal and Belvalplaza. Perfect for students, scientists and urban professionals.

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