Training and development

Always up to date at work

It's not just school, university and professional training and development that make us fit for our professions. In order to be prepared for the working world of today and tomorrow, it is necessary to make sure our professional knowledge and skills are always up to date. Two Belval-based centres have made life-long learning their mission.

IUIL – Institut Universitaire International Luxembourg

This institute, which was founded in 1974, develops and realises academic training on the most diverse topics. The IUIL values close co-operations with academic partners and in industry. It is based on the 10th floor of the "Maison du Savoir" on the blast furnace terrace.

"De Widong" centre for professional development in the health sector

"De Widong" was founded in 2002 by the Luxembourg clinic association and the unions OGBL and LCGB. The institute is responsible for professional development in the health industry. The offices of "De Widong" are on the second floor of the "Maison de l'Innovation" on the blast furnace terrace.

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