Park and squares

Park "Um Belval"

Today, botanical rarities thrive where iron ore and slag once lay. Nature has reclaimed what was once hers on the former slag heap, and the park design acknowledges this.

The existing landscape has been recultivated, redesigned and completed with care and respect. New paths have been laid around the approx. 19 hectares of the area, and will connect to the residential quarters Belval North and South and the Square Mile – paths for pedestrians, cyclists, joggers and nature-lovers.

There are quiet zones, and relaxation areas for all ages scattered about various themed gardens. The heart of the park is a 20-metre wide ”activity“ band with various play areas and areas for football, volleyball and streetball. Along with the skatepark near the college, this now the perfect destination. 

An abundance of free area

The public area of Belval defined by a number of squares with different characters. They offer an abundance of free area, and and an excellent recreational quality. Some clever examples are the square by the retirement and care home (CIPA) in Belval North and the design of the area around the "Bel-Val" college.

However, the best-known square is the one at the heart of Belval, right on the blast furnace terrace: the ”Place de l’Académie“ is the hub between the station, the university, the Rockhal, the experience world Belval Plaza and the BIL bank building. The vast “sunken” square is unique, and is the perfect link between the visible industrial history and modern architecture. The vast flights of stairs on the north and south ends are perfect for strolling and relaxing, as are the small lookout platform, the water basins and the islands with the comfortable seats.

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