4 living quarters – 1 idea

Pure urban living

Whether an apartment or spacious studio right at the heart of Belval with views of the blast furnaces, or a smart single family house with a garden and views of the park, there’s a home for everyone at Belval.

Belval is pure modern urban living: jog through the park in the morning, take the children to school, then walk to the office or university. Lunch in a restaurant, then a spot of shopping in the shopping centre in the afternoon, and afterwards take the little ones to the play park. Followed in the evening by the cinema or a concert in the Rockhal. Sometimes on the spur of the moment, but always whatever you feel like. No jams; no long travelling times – because in Belval, everything can easily done on foot or by bike. What a quality of life!

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Live close to the city in the country

Live close to the city, yet be in the country? Belval Nord offers single and multiple-family homes and apartments in an attractive hillside location with views of the park, just a few minutes’ walk to the primary school, the college and the blast furnace terrace. A residential area for all ages, for singles and families. And a place with a genuine multi-generation feeling – thanks to the CIPA retirement and nursing home.

A quarter for families

A harmonious ensemble of small groups of houses, alleys and squares that encourage living in neighbourly togetherness. Bus and train stops close by. With a variety of small shops, a range of services, a primary school, a sports centre, a day nursery and a college, the future quarter will appeal particularly to young families. Development from 2018. Construction to commence in 2020.

Business and any amount of space for living

Square Mile is a business district with room for business, but also with any amount of space for living. The trendy city quarter is a hub between the blast furnace terrace and Park Belval. It’s a young area with an international flair.

Living at the heart of it

The blast furnace terrace is the heart of Belval. Life pulsates all around the decommissioned blast furnaces. Home, life, work, study, culture and leisure all blend in perfect harmony here. Perfect for students, scientists and urban professionals.

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